8 Ways to Keep Yourself Warm This Winter

Keep Yourself Warm This Winter By Following These 8 Simple Steps:

If you’re dreading the colder days of winter and not really sure how to keep yourself warm this winter, you’re not alone. A lot of us dread the colder days of winter, even with central heating – some days, you just can’t get warm, and the sun seems so far away. Well, we can’t bring the sun for you, but we can give you tips on how to keep warm even when it’s icy outside! These tips and tricks don’t cost a lot of money like replacing your doors and windows; it’s often pointless to go to that extreme when it’s just that your toes get a little nippy at night!
  1. Set your heating to come on when the temperature drops below a certain level. It may sound as if the heating is coming on all the time, but if you can do this, it will actually save you money in the long term. Keeping your home (or place of work) at the same temperature is easier than heating it up if it gets very cold – just think about how long it takes a chilly room to warm up. img src: choice.com.au
  2. Wear layers. You don’t have to go round bundled up in thick woolly jumpers. Layers are actually more effective. Wear an extra vest, or drape a pashmina shawl around your shoulders. Even fine fabrics like pashmina help to trap warm air closer to your body, reducing your contact with the colder outside air – and the more layers you have, the better this works. 
  3. Make sure to block drafts. If there is a draft getting into your home, hanging a curtain or using a draft excluder will help you keep the heat indoors. draft blocking curtain img src: glassdoctornaperville.com
  4. Improve your existing insulation. This doesn’t have to be an expensive progress. Putting something like cling film on the inside of your windows will help trap the heat inside – while still letting the sunlight in whenever it is If you’ve got a bit of extra cash, you can get proper secondary glazing film, which will look better. img src: http://young.scot
  5. Wear socks! Have you ever noticed that if your feet are cold, the rest of you often is as well? If you keep your feet warm, then you’ll lose less heat. You can add to the effect by wrapping your legs in a blanket while you’re sat down watching the TV. It’s especially important to wear socks and slippers if you have a cold stone floor surface in your home – stone doesn’t warm up very easily, and it will chill your feet, sometimes painfully! img src: pinterest.com
  6. Stay active. If you can’t curl up with a blanket, then staying on your feet is a good way to get warm and stay warm. Even simple household tasks can get your body producing enough heat to make you comfortable again. stay active in winter
  7. Have a hot drink. If you like tea or coffee, this is probably already a habit, but if you’re not a habitual drinker of hot drinks, consider picking it up! Hot chocolate is equally good, and contains less caffeine. Having a hot drink to hand makes everything feel cosier – and if necessary, you can use it for a hand warmer as well! img src: pinterest.com
  8. Move Your Sofa: You might feel great to have your favourite couch in front of the radiator, but it’s actually absorbing heat that could be warming your room instead. keep warm in winter
    By moving your seat, couch away from the heater, hot air can circulate freely around the room. The same applies for your other items in room such as curtain or drying clothes – keep them away from the heater so that you can get the most out of your heat source.

Well, hope you enjoyed reading these simple tips on how to keep yourself warm this winter. There are plenty of other ways to keep yourself warm and not blow the budget. Just be creative and plan ahead.

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