How To Wash Pashmina At Home

  If you ever wonder on how to wash pashmina at home whether it's your pashmina shawl, pashmina scarf or some cashmere sweater, then we have outlined few quick steps for you as a guide. Hopefully this will enable you to wash your pashmina at home.
  1. Fill a sink with half full of warm water.
  2. Immerse your cashmere in warm water.
  3. Add a cap of natural shampoo and gently agitate your pashmina for 2 - 3 minutes. If you have a particular spot that has stain in your pashmina, add extra shampoo on that particular spot and very gently give it a rub. Don’t rub it too hard and for too long.

how to wash pashmina

4. Once you are done, simply use another sink or if you don’t have a extra sink in the kitchen, you can use your bath tub or even a large bowl filled with cold water to rinse your pashmina shawl or pashmina scarf.

5. Give it a gentle squeeze to remove excess amount of water.

how to wash cashmere

5. To dry your pashmina shawl or pashmina scarf, simply lay your clean towel flat on the floor, place your pashmina shawl on top of the towel and roll the towel and press your towel as you roll it to suck the excess amount of water out of the pashmina.

how to wash cashmere shawl

6.  Get another clean dry towel, lay it flat on the floor and place your pashmina on top of the dry towel and let it dry. (Never dry your pashmina under direct sunlight of anywhere where there is excess heat. And never  use your washing machine or dryer).

7. Make sure you stretch your pashmina so they don’t wrinkle as you dry it. This way, you avoid ironing it when it’s completely dry.

how to wash pashmina


Hopefully the above guide will help you wash pashmina at home. If  you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us.