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You probably would have read at least half a dozen articles related to pashmina products, visited few websites all selling pashmina scarves and pashmina shawls and claiming to be high quality etc etc. You also see the price range starting from couple of dollars to few hundred dollars for a single shawl or scarf and wonder how an earth am I going to know which one is the right one for me?

You are not alone and in fact there are millions of quality pashmina seekers wanting to buy a good quality pashmina product but are facing with same dilemma.

Our goal is to clear all your confusion and give you a better understanding on pashmina and differentiate what is a good quality pashmina and what is not.

So What Really Is Quality Pashmina?

Pashmina is a terminology that is applied to wool, and any product that are made from the wool. This wool is originated from the underbelly of the Chyangra (Capra Hircus) goat, a domestic breed raised primarily at high altitude in Central Asia region, especially in Mongolia.

Over centuries, it is known to have been used by people in Kashmir (ie "cashmere"), an area between Pakistan and India. Because of the instability in that region, much of the pashmina production has been relocated to other parts in India and in Nepal. Due the the higher altitude, the goats in Nepal is well renown for it's higher quality (a couple of microns thinner, in general) pashmina ( cashmere) fibre which are used produce "pashmina" in Nepal.

So pashmina and cashmere are essentially the same as long as they are pure natural wool from the undercut of the Chyangra ( Capra Hircus) goat.

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