Pashmina Shawls Sydney

Love of pashmina shawls in Sydney has been on the rise, particularly in last 10 years. As we know Sydney's weather can range from fairly cold winters to extremely hot summers where temperature soars above 40 degrees. But all in all, Sydney has one of the most pleasant weathers in the world. We are constantly blessed with wonderful sunshine and mild temperature for most part of the year.

Pashmina shawls for ladies in Sydney is a very handy and should be one of the must have fashion accessories. They are ultra light, soft and remarkably warm to keep you nice and warm in cooler summer evenings and our cold winters.

Here are few tips on deciding on what type of pashmina shawl is right for you if you are living in Sydney area.

  1. How often are you planning to wear it?
  2. Are you planning to wear in any formal occasion?
  3. Do you know what is a good quality pashmina?
  4. Are you intending to use it as scarf or shawl most of the times?

If you are planning to wear your pashmina shawl in Sydney during summer evenings then you may want to wear the pashmina shawls that have mixture of 'A' grade pashmina and top quality silk. The presence of silk gives you a cooler sensation while the 'A' grade pashmina still gives you enough warmth without making you feel too hot. Check the below link for pashmina shawls for Sydney summer.

These cashmere shawls are extremely light, cooler in summer days and can be purchased in various colours.

Pashmina Shawls Sydney

If you are not sure the average price of pashmina shawl  you are not alone. The answer is, it is directly proportional to the quality of pashmina shawl that you get in the market. There are plenty of cheap cashmere shawls that you can purchase online or at your local stores for couple of dollars. Most likely these pashmina shawls are made of artificial fibre like viscose. Unfortunately for a normal eye, it's almost impossible to differentiate.

Here are few things you can do to ensure that you are getting a genuine pashmina shawl in Sydney

    1. Always ask the origin of the pashmina shawl. Usually these pashmina shawls are made in Nepal or in Kashmir.
    2. Always check the label and ensure the pashmina fibre content is clearly marked.
      1. chyangra pashmina
    3. Genuine pashmina shawls are advised for dry clean only
    4. And most importantly, if you are buying pashmina made from the Himalayan goat, also known as "Chyangra", then make you sure you get the Changrya Pashmina Hallmark that is issued by the government of Nepal along with your pashmina.chyangra pashmina hallmark

For more information about pashmina and it's history please click on this Wikipedia link below.

Beat the Chill with Pashmina Shawls Sydney

With such a beauty as pashmina shawls Sydney, you will surely find whatever excuse to own them. But just in case you actually live in the city or are planning to visit it, then you can forget about excuses because you may definitely have to bring one.

It is because the Sydney weather can sometimes get pretty crazy.

How Is the Weather in Sydney?

Granted, Sydney has a more consistent weather than other cities in the country. Take, for example, Melbourne, where it can be sunny today and rainy in a few hours.

Sydney, meanwhile, is blessed with more than 300 days of sunny weather. The climate is often described as temperate, which means in winter, the temperature does not really drop too low, so it still remains comfortable.

Nevertheless, it also does not change the fact that there is a significant temperature difference in the city most of the time. A pashmina shawl ensures you are ready for the varying degrees at any time.

Wrap Yourself with a Beautiful Pashmina

While you can always pick the cheapest shawl available, pashmaina is simply different, something worth having and being part of your closet.

Creating pashmina shawls Sydney is painstaking to say the least. Since the material is very thin, it is not ideal for usual looms, unlike other kinds of fabric. Moreover, it has to be dyed to give it a more distinctive look.

The pashmina, which is derived from the mountain goats of the Himalayas, is not produced in large quantity, and it may be harvested only once a year, during spring. This means that real pashmina shawls Sydney have to be produced for many days.

Weavers certainly need more time as well if they have to be embroidered. All these things can make any real pashmina more expensive yet also very exquisite. Now who would not want to have one in their wardrobe, right?

But the best thing about pashmina is that it’s a very flexible material, once you look past its intricacy and luxury. There are already many styles you can adopt so you can use it anytime of the day. Best of all, at night, when the weather gets too cold, all you have to do is to wrap yourself with it, and you’ll instantly feel warm and fuzzy all over.

How to Stay in Style with Pashmina All Day Long

All you have to do is to go to video channels in YouTube to find out the many pashmina shawls Sydney styles that you can follow, but if you need some immediate ideas, here’s a good list:

Let them fall over your shoulders. The easiest way to wear a pashmina is to wrap them all around your neck and let both ends fall off your shoulders, running across your chest. This way, if you want to wrap yourself to prevent the cold, you can do so immediately. Just make sure that its length doesn’t go beyond your hips.

Wear them as belts. Pashmina shawls can also be worn as belts or as an accessory to create the illusion of silhouette or waist. If you don’t want one around you, then tie it on your bag for more style.

Use them as a wrap. You can make a bolero or vest out of your shawl. Wrap the pashmina around you, letting both ends off your shoulders. Then taking both ends, tie them around your back, making sure that your upper arms are properly covered, like a bolero. You can then choose to tie the ends loosely or tightly, although the former is more ideal so you won’t have trouble removing it.

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