Pashmina for Weddings: How to Be in Style on Your Special Day

Pashmina has become a staple for weddings, and that’s completely understandable. Who can resist its classy and timeless look? In fact, it’s more than a mere fabric—it offers a lot of awesome benefits to the wearer.

What’s a Pashmina?

A pashmina for wedding is a piece of fabric that’s fashioned into a shawl, scarf, or wrap.

Commonly, pashmina for weddings falls into a wrap or a shawl to make sure that it covers the shoulder and arms perfectly and the wearer can wrap herself up with it comfortably and conveniently.

A real pashmina is made from the wool of goats that normally grow in the Himalayan regions including Nepal and India. The process of creating an authentic pashmina is so tedious and complex it certainly deserves its heavy price tag.

A pashmina shawl for wedding , for example, would usually cost around $200 or even more, depending on the quality and the design.

Because of the fragility of the material, it’s never woven in a loom but rather worked on by hands. It’s also normally dyed.

How to Use Pashmina for Weddings

1. They keep everyone warm throughout the ceremony. This is especially true when your wedding is scheduled around dusk or after sunset. By then, the air has changed, with cold chills becoming more prevailing. As ceremonies tend to last for 30 minutes or so, you and the rest of the guests definitely deserve something to warm you up.

2. They make gorgeous presents. Some presents are incredibly beautiful, but pashminas are a whole league of their own—they’re not only insanely gorgeous but they’re so useful as well, making them perfect gifts for everyone.

In fact, you can give them before the ceremony so they have something to cover themselves up as the weather turns colder.

3. They’re the easiest way to upgrade dresses. Wedding dresses are usually quite expensive, especially if you’re getting them brand-new. Moreover, you need to spend for the rest of your entourage, as well as for other accessories.

If you wish to cut back on the wedding costs—and definitely you’d like that—you can complement wedding and bridesmaids’ dresses with pashminas instead.

With their rich dyed cloth and even intricate patterns, they can liven up any dress in no time. Again, too, you can give them away as favors for our bridesmaids.

How to Buy Pashmina for Wedding

1. Make sure that you’re getting most of the pashmina. While there are so many so-called pashminas in the market, only a few of them are legitimate. How do you know you have a real one? First, know the material. It’s possible to get a real pashmina, but be ready to pay a good amount of money for it. If you want to go for something more affordable, seek those that are combined with other materials such as silk. However, be aware that for the pashimina shawl, wrap, or scarf to be called authentic, around 70% of the material must be real pashmina.   

2. Buy them in bulk. A wedding is actually a great time to buy plenty of pashmina especially for giveaways or party favors.

The good news is you can be entitled to huge discounts or rebates when you buy them in many pieces. You can also save on delivery, even get them for free shipping.

3. Use pashminas as a complement. Choose pashminas well. For your bridesmaids, you can match the shade of their dresses with that of the shawl.

For the bride, light colors such as beige are a perfect choice.  Every girl wants her wedding to be special. A pashmina for wedding can help you achieve that.

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