Pashmina Scarves - Handmade Chyangra Scarves From Nepal

Pashmina Scarves

Pashmina scarves are good asset on your wardrobe both for men and women. Made from one of the finest natural fibers, pashmina scarves are extremely light, yet warm. Pashmina scarves is just as popular among men as they are among women.

Below are few tips on deciding on what type of pashmina scarves is right for you.

How often are you planning to wear it?

  1. Are you planning to wear in any formal occasion?
  2. Do you know what is a good quality pashmina?
  3. Are you intending to use it as scarf or shawl most of the times?

If you are thinking of wearing your pashmina scarves during summer evenings then you may want to wear the pashmina scarves that have mixture of 'A' grade pashmina and top quality silk. The silk presence gives your pashmina scarf a cooler sensation while the 'A' grade pashmina still gives you enough warmth without making you feel too hot.

These scarves are very light, cool in summer  and can be bought in various colours.

Pashmina Scarves In Australia

If you are not sure the average price of pashmina scarves in Australia, you are not on your own. The answer is, it is directly proportional to the quality of pashmina scarves that you see in the market. There are plenty of cheap pashmina scarves flooding the Australian market either via online market place like eBay or Amazon. In most cases these scarves that you purchase are made of artificial fibre like viscose. Unfortunately for a normal eye, it's almost impossible to differentiate so always check the label to ensure the scarf that you are purchasing has the right fiber.

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Pashmina scarves can be made of pure pashmina( pure cashmere). These scarves have 100% cashmere in them and are extremely soft and warm. These scarves are ideal for winter or cooler evenings in summer.


We also get pashmina scarves that has some silk mixed in it, most common mixture being 70% pashmina ( cashmere) and 30% silk. These silk blend makes the scarf more stronger and gives a cooler sensation and are ideal wear for warmer evenings or if you feel like wrapping something around your neck even though it’s not very cold.

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